Life In Canada
As a cold northern
country, Canada will be
one of the most greatly affected countries in the world. Temperatures are rising, particularly in the Arctic, where permafrost is thawing and the ocean's ice cover is shrinking. Even greater changes are expected in the future.

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Ongoing Activities
Interested in ways to help conserve our environment? Check out our ongoing activities to see how you can get involved.

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The Facts

Below are a series of Fact Sheets that cover some important points that you need to know about the serious effects of Climate Change and how we can do something to better our own environment.

(Fact sheets provided by the Government of Canada)


This Fact Sheet will inform educators, industries and manufacturers about the impact Climate Change will have directly on the Newfoundland and Labrador environment and ecology.
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This Fact Sheet explains the impact of Cliamte Change on our nation within
the global perspective.

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Discussing ways to cut on man made emmissions harmful to our atmosphere, this Fact Sheet suggests methods for all of us to save on energy useat home and work.

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This Fact Sheet discusses the Greenhouse Gas effect on our environment and temperature changes over the past centuryand what we may expect in the future if we do not act on cutting down on
producing pollutants into the atmosphere.

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Health concerns due to poor air quality affect almost every major city in the world today. Most vulernable are the young and elderly. The Health Fact Sheet discusses recent events in the news that demostrate how the
effects of global warming has affected
                                our lives.

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